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The Archives

Here you can take a deep dive and explore every aspect of Dranik. To its kings and lords to its history and lore. Learn about the battles and wars that shaped Fernith. Travel to the different continents and learn about the many races that call Dranik home.

Dranik Archives: About

The Dwarf Clans

Together the four clans make of the Dwarf Empire. An Empire that has stood since the second age of time. Each clan is free to rule over their respective land and people so long as they are loyal to the High King who resides in Ragnhall and is the sole ruler of the Empire.


Tradition, Family and Faith

Ironbeards are considered the first Dwarves to arrive in Fernith and still live primarily in the Blackforge Mountains. To this day they are the only Clan that speaks exclusively Auschul or Old Dwarvish and are the most religious of all the clans. They are dedicated craftsmen and are renowned for their expertise in the forge.


Respect, Sacrifice and Service

The Frostaxe's are the first Clan to settle the Khaz'Dan Mountains. They are politically motivated and have the smallest standing army of all the clans. Besides being politically motivated they are also renowned rune-smiths and provide much of the runes to the empire. 


Honor, Courage and Integrity

Ironfist's are the second clan to settle in the Khaz'Dan Mountains. They are fierce warriors and have the largest standing army of any other clan. Ironfist's are a prideful people and show it by way of their beard styling, showing off their status and rank. Some of the most famous Dwarf Heros hail from this clan.


Diligence, Strength and Loyalty

Stronghamer's are the last group to settle the Khaz'Dan Mountains. They make up much of the southern portion of the Mountains where it is rich in minerals. As such Stronghammers have gained a reputation as master miners and extremely hard working people. They prefer to keep to themselves however and rarely travel outside their region. 

Dranik Archives: List
What Clan Are You From?
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Character Archives

Take a look at some of people that call Dranik home. From Kings and Lords to everyday folk-heros.

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