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Ragnus Firebeard

Lord of The Ironfist Clan

Ragnus Firebeard is the 12th Lord of the Ironfist Clan and his linage can be traced back to the very first Ironfist Lord. Taking the throne at only 14 after his father succumbed to the illness known as the blight he has led by example and action.

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Kaynen Flameheart I

First High King of The Dwarves

Noted for being a brilliant tactician and military general, he served as an Ironbeard commander before the formation of the Dwarf Empire. It is believed he is a direct descendant of Ragnhall.


Abigail Buckner

Pirate Queen

Famous for taking on the Dwarf Empire's navy and winning. She has proven herself time and time again for not only being a great sailer but a excellent leader.

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