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     The origin of Ly'Tharin is shrouded in mystery as it appeared to have been built long before the Elves or even the Dwarves awakened. 

     Fleeing from their original home on Cara's Belt on Grimlor, the Elves set sail west eventually landing on the southern tip of Avalon. It wasn't until the year 700 of the first age did they discover it. 

     The group of Elf explorers stumbled across the beautiful city after finding a pass through the North Mountains (Which was later renamed Moonguard Mountains)

     The city was perfectly preserved and well kept. Though not a single soul was found within the city. Upon further inspection they found books and scrolls and paintings of weird people with blue skin and black eyes, they had tails and short horns. In the middle of the city they found a large stone circle with more strange symbols and writing on it detailing three beings that looked a lot like the elves. The most prominent of which was tall slender elf looking woman. They managed to decipher the names of the three beings, and realized they were some sort of gods from long ago.

     The Elves sent word back to the ruling houses at the time and more Elves started to migrate to the grand city. Eventually the Elves started to worship the three gods and renamed the city Ly'Tharin. 

     Ly'Tharin today stands as the magic capital of the world. Some of the best Elf mages and wizards flock to study in the city, due to it's incredibly lax magic laws. Avalon in general is very in tune with magic and is home to various magical races. 

     The city has no walls and barely any change has been made to it since its discovery. Most of the buildings and houses are made of a foreign green material with gold trim. The city streets are paved in gold and polished to shine. 

      Ly'Tharin also has no standing defensive army or weapons though it does have a tall tower in the city center that encases the city in a magical shield if needed. 

      Though the city is the largest on Avalon and the holy capital it is not the capital of the Elves as the Elves are not ruled by a single king, rather by a council.

     Ly'Tharin is unique as it is the only city in the entire world where you are not allowed to be armed. Instead the city itself seems to have its own defense system by way of magic. One account states that a Elf King ventured into the city with his sword. The king entered the city but could not get out. When he tried to eat from the garden or any food in the city he would get sick and throw it up. The Elf king died of starvation and is a grim reminder not to disobey the city. 

The only non-elf to enter Ly'Tharin was a human history scholar named Benjamen Kylar.

Ly'Tharin: Text

Ly'Tharin is located in the middle of a wide-open field surrounded by beds of flowers.

Even though the city has no guards or army the Moonguard Elves defend the only pass in and out.

in 1982 of the second age a sickness called the Red Fever wiped out nearly half the population of Ly'Tharin and over 25% of all Elves on Avalon.

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