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     Ragnhall is the holy city and capital of the Dwarf Empire. Construction of the massive city started the year 804 of the first age and wasn't finished until the year 930 of the first age. 

     Ragnhall is unique as most Dwarf cities are located underground or within mountains. This is one of the few cities that is above ground, though it does have a sizeable undercity. 

     Over the years Ragnhall became known as the most advanced city of its time. It had aqueducts, sewage, paved roads, and was completely surrounded by a massive wall. 

     It soon became a melting pot for all races. Dwarf, Human, Elf, and even some of the Dark Races all flooded to the new city and it quickly prospered. Goods of all kinds made from the various races brought wealth and prosperity to the city. Soon it became not just a Dwarf city but an all-inclusive city. Many Humans and Halflings live in Ragnhall and hold jobs within the city. Though the city is still very much Dwarf Centric.

     Ragnhalls most prominent feature is the 300-foot tall statue of Ragnhall himself in the city center. It's so tall many visitors often see the head peeking over the wall judging their character. The Dwarves believe that the remains of Ragnhall are actually buried under the statue and travel to it every 100 years to make offerings. 

     Since Ragnhall is the resting place of their god and the holy city all four dwarf clans are prohibited from attacking it. Since it's construction it has only been attacked once at the turn of the 3rd age. In that attack is suffered minor damage with the walls taking most of the beating. To this day the city remains unbreached.

     Another prominent feature is the White Mountian which houses the royal palace. Named the White Mountian due to it glowing in a full moon. Located to the left of the city and connected by a series of gates and walls it is not only the most guarded place in the city but the most beautiful. 

     Very few non-dwarves have the honor of seeing within. The most famous being Drogar Dwarffriend and Gwenith Eilistar who were and Human and Elf Respectively. 

     Ragnhall is also only one of three Dwarf cities that has a seaport. The other two being Mak'Ti at the mouth of the Turin River and Heilmsdale in the Northlands. 

Ragnhall: Text

Ragnhall is guarded by a fleet of 20 Ironclad ships in the bay.

The only High King to not live in the White Mountain was Kaynen the First.

There is always two Dwarf Legions on standby ready to defend the city.

The Undercity has many tunnels that connect and lead to the other Dwarf cities.

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