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     Melwind or Melkis as it was first called was one fo the very first human settlements in Fernith built in 498 of the first age. It started out as an outpost town on the Tirgas river and quickly boomed into a full-on city. 

     Soon the city turned into a kingdom and finally a massive capital that dominates over all other human kingdoms.

     It is a multi-walled city with the walls growing taller the closer you get to the center. Melwind is also a perfect circle and the biggest of all human cities with the exception of Brighton. 

     Melwind is very old fashioned and it shows in its laws. Most prominently its ain't magic laws. Magic is outright forbidden within the city or surrounding kingdom and I punishable by death. In recent years Melwind has claimed over 200 mages and wizards. 

     Melwind also suffers from overpopulation and many of her citizens are forced to live in slums on the outer wall which has gon under disrepair. Some whole sections of the wall aren't even finished yet and are held together with scaffolding. Many citizens blame the royal family who has not left the inner wall in 200 years.

     Much of Melwinds funds and money go into the army leaving many people starving and stealing to get by. It didn't use to be that way though. In the time of Arthur the Conquerer the kingdom stretched from its current location all the way to the bay of Brighton. It also played a huge role in the many wars of Ferniths history, most prominently the first Orc War and the 100 years war.

     Melwind is also a key trading hub and on paper should be very wealthy due to it being located in the middle of the Dwarf Empire. It seems that the great reign of Melwind is over as it is constantly plagued by riots and crime. 

On average 60 people die every day due to crime-related activity within the walls.

Melwind: Text

Melwind has been sieged over four times and completely fallen twice.

Though Melwind has the largest army of any human kingdom it has not been to war in nearly 400 years.

Arthur the Conquerer is considered the last great king od Melwind.

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