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Ragnus Ironfist

12th Lord of The Ironfist Clan

Ragnus Ironfist.jpg

      Ragnus Firebeard was born in the year 2682 of the Third Age and is the 12th lord of the Dwarf Clan Ironfist. Taking the throne at only 14 after his father died of The Blight. Though he took the throne at a young age (The youngest of any Clan Lord) He quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Preferring to lead from the front rather than from the throne.

     His first act as king was to retake the silver mines that his father had lost to the Goblin King, Tikir. For four months he led his men in brutal combat within the tunnels of the Underdark. Ragnus never once slept in his separate tent. In fact, he preferred and made it a point to sleep with his men and eat with them. 

     His campaign lasted 5 years in the Underdark until he finally killed the goblin king, solidifying his new title and crown. When he returned home he was immediately praised for his actions and the High King himself offered his congratulations.  

     It was some time after this where Ragnus met his wife, Hila. He courted her for the standard two years before marrying her at the age of 20. Ragnus and Hila tried for nearly 30 years to have a child until they finally had their first and only daughter whom they named Astr; Meaning star in Drwemir, their native tongue. 

     Ragnus would lead his people into a period of peace, paving the way for new laws and practices. Most notably being the first and only Lord to allow Women to serve in the Ironfist Army with Ragnus famously saying "If they can go through the pain of childbirth, they can take the sting of a blade"

    Ragnus proved himself to be a devoted father and family man. Often taking time out of his lordly duties to personally drop Astr off at the learning hall. A royal guard (which he solemnly used) Said this, “Lord Ragnus is not like any Lord I’ve seen. He eats with his guards every morning and always finds time for his family”  

     As Ragnus neared his 200s he partook in the Goblin Wars and was charged with personally leading all ground forces. Most notably participated in the Battle of Barren Hill where he was seen standing atop a broken war chariot fighting off hordes of Goblins. The final battle took place in the Cavern of Itrik where Ragnus was ordered to reinforce the High King's army. The retreating Goblins ran right into Ragnus and his men and the war was over. 

     Some 70 years later the High King Died and with no heir to the throne, the Dwarf Clans were thrown into a Civil War. Unlike the other Clans, Ironfist took a purely defensive stance as he refused to kill his own kind. Instead, he chose to take a more passive role and only attack when he was attacked. Ragnus is a reflection of the first dwarves and is a living testate to what they were.

Biographical Information

Status: Alive

Born: 2682 TA

Race Dwarf

Birth Clan: Ironfist

Age: 323

Height: 4'9

Eye and Hair Color: Red

Family: Wife, Hila.

                    Daughter, Astr.

                     Cousin, Kragar.

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