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Kaynen Flameheart I

First High King of The Dwarf Empire

   Kaynen was born into the Ironbeard clan at the start of the second age and before the formation of the Empire. His lineage can be traced back to the very first group of Dwarves who awakened and Ragnhall himself. From a young age, his mind was always brilliant though as a child he was described as distracted and uncaring to the world around him.

     After he became of age he Joined the Ironbeard army who, at the time was at war with a goblin chief. He quickly proved his skill with not only a blade and axe, but in study hall as well. Making it a point to be proficient at both saying, "A warrior is only as good as the mind he possesses" It was during this time he was handpicked for an officer program where he would make a name for himself by winning the war games for his year.           

     Upon graduation from the officer program, he was given command of five whole legions, though he had never seen combat before. This created somewhat of a rift between him and his men, as they saw him as inexperienced. He would hold this command for 53 years before war broke out with a new enemy, never before seen on Fernith. 

      They Arrived on the southern shores of Fernith and began to wreak havoc on Dwarf Cities and forts. With many of them being burned or entirely destroyed, one Ironbeard city was Mortiv.

     The Dwarves would continue to fight a losing war for nearly three years. During this time Kaynen would find love in a young barmaid at a tavern he frequented. He courted her for the standard two years before asking her father to marry. They were set to marry in the summer months but Kaynen would receive word from the King of the Ironbeards to march to retake Mortiv. 

      Forced with leaving his soon to be bride behind Kaynen without hesitation gathered his men and marched across the southern tip of Melwind to Mortiv. There he would engage the enemy with a volley of arrows before ordering his men to charge. Though it was soon apparent that the battle was turning against them.  

      His men started to lose morale and all hope seemed lost. Kaynen drew his blade and having never seen battle before charged right into the front rank of the Orcs. He was immediately stabbed in the gut but kept fighting. One soldier even wrote, "I've never seen anything like it. The commander just ran right into them and kept fighting with a spear in his gut." 

     After five hours of hard fighting, Mortiv was retaken and he was able to push out the Orc's, marking the first victory in three years. News of the victory reached the Ironbeard king and soon the rest of the Clans who were struggling to retake their fallen forts and cities. The clan kings banded together and decided to give Kaynen command of the entirety of their armies for the duration of the war. Kaynen, overnight became the most well-known Dwarf on Fernith. 

     With his combined armies Kaynen marched up the Khaz'Dan Mountains, reclaiming the lands that were lost. This would be known at Kaynens Walk.  Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Melwind, Arthur the Conqueror was fighting his own war against the Orcs and had them on the run. 

     During his march, Kaynen would write many letters back to his love detailing his findings and even calling the orc's “The pinnacle of a warrior race” in one of his letters. It was also during this time he created the now-famous turtle shield formation and used it to great efficiency. 

     Kaynen caught wind of the retreating orc's just as winter was about to set and marched south to the southern tip of the Blackforge mountains. There he and Arthur’s army would battle for three straight days, with it being called the bloodiest battle in dwarf history. Eventually, the orc war chief was killed by a low ranking soldier and the orc's retreated marking an end to the war. 

     Kaynen would return to his clan as a hero of the Dwarf people and of the war and earned another promotion. The Dwarf kings shortly after concluded that the clans were not equipped to fight a full-on war and so offered Kaynen the position of High King. Kaynen accepted and thus the Dwarf Empire was formed.

     Shortly after taking the throne he finally married and had a son named Fo’Tar, who would later become a legend to the dwarf people. During his reign, he would go on to construct the now famous statue of Ragnhall in the holy city as well as many military contributions. Mainly reforming the clan armies into the Grand Army of Ragnhall and implementing the navy which was new for the time. 

      Kaynen The First would later die from a disease that ravaged the dwarves and halflings. His wife would later die of the same diseases leaving their only son Fo’Tar to take the throne. Kaynen was only 148 years old when he died marking the second youngest high king in history.   


Biographical Information

Born: 1009 SA

Race: Dwarf

Birth Clan: Ironbeard

Age At Death: 148

Height: 4'9

Eye and Hair Color: Brown

Family: Wife, Unknown.

      Son, Fo'Tar.

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Unnamed sickness that targeted Halflings and Dwarves.

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