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Abigail Buckner

Pirate Queen

     Abigail Buckner was born into a poor fishing family in 2056 of the third age. Growing up she would spend vast amounts of time sailing and working on her father's fishing ship. She was described as eager and outgoing in her youth and always willing to help others. On one incident she saved a young boy from drowning after she dived into the harbor and brought him back to safety. 

     During her teen years, she would get caught up in a thieving ring and quickly became known in the underground. What started as a way to earn money for her family evolved into a love and thrill for adventure. She would soon rise through the ranks and at the age of 17 completely take over as the head of the thief ring. 

     Abigail quickly established that she would not let her new position go and 2 years later purchased a frigate which she named the Black Rose. She would take to the seas and using her sailing knowledge from her father proved to be quite the captain. 

     Word of this female pirate started to circulate around and three ships set sail to destroy her. The Fist, The Henry, and The Sovereign. 

      The ships would clash in a grand battle that would prove to be Abigail's first victory on the open sea. She sank The Fist and The Henry and capture The Sovereign which itself was a larger ship. This win earned her respect with her men who would go on to be extremely loyal. 

      For the next 10 years, Abigail and her crew would amass a fleet of 12 ships and some 600 men. She would make a name for herself after she sank the Dwarf warship The Bronzehand after taking the ship's cannons and placing them on her flagship. With her new firepower, she would make quick work of any and all who opposed her. Though she had her own cannons, Dwarf cannons were highly sought after due to there precision and accuracy. 

       This act against there empire would reach the Dwarf High King and he would go onto declare war on the pirate. For three years she would be on the run from the Dwarf Empire before massing her fleet and taking them head-on. 

       She set sail on toward the Empire's capital knowing the high king would send ships to intercept them. And when her crew spotted them she ordered a retreat into the nearby Jagged cove. A cove is known for it's shallow waters and narrow straights. Within the cove the bigger dwarf ships were useless and one by one Abigail and her ships made easy targets out of them. 

      This defeat angered the high king and he ordered three Ironclads to take out Abigail. When word reached Abigail she ordered her fleet to sail into open water 30 miles from the Fernith coast. She knew that the massive Ironclads and her steam engines could not take on the heavy chop of the open sea and so she waited. 

      Soon enough the ships peaked over the horizon and the battle started. The Ironclads cannons were powerful and had longer range and Abigail immediately lost 3 ships in the opening minutes of battle. Quickly she took over the wheel and charged straight ahead. The rest of her ships followed and soon she made the long range of their cannons work against them. 

      6 hours of the fierce battle took place during which Abigail would disable two of the ironclads before her flagship was boarded. However, Abigail escaped and swam to another of her ships making a clean getaway. 

     Finally, after years of war and wasted resources, the High King pardoned Abigail and officially surrendered to the pirate. Marking the first major naval defeat to the Dwarf Navy and proving to the rest of the fernith that they are no invincible. And earning Abigal the title, Pirate Queen.  

      Abigail would continue her reign as Pirate Queen until she was killed during the battle at the age of 37. She left behind no children or husband, though she was known to have many lovers. 


Biographical Information

Born: 2056 TA

Race: Human

Birth City: Unnamed Fishing Town

Age At Death: 37

Height: 5'10

Eye and Hair Color: Brown

Family: None.

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Killed in battle.

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